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Forward Kinematics

What is Kinematics?

Kinematics is the science of motion that studies properties of motion without considering the forces that act to cause such motion. The scope of kinematics includes position, velocity, acceleration and other higher\ order derivatives of position with respect to time and other variables.

What are the popular methods of modelling and analyzing kinematics?

Two of the most popular methods of kinematic modelling and analysis are the forward and inverse kinematic models.

What is Forward kinematics?

In the context of this VL experiment forward kinematics addresses the following question: If the various motors on the robot turn so much, where would the robot be or where would a point on the robot be? More formally given the velocities commanded to the motors on the robot the forward kinematic problem computes the position evolution of a reference point on the robot over time as a result of such commanded velocities

What is inverse kinematics?

Inverse kinematics computes the velocities to be commanded to the motor so that the robot can reach a given location. More formally given an ending configuration of the robot pose the inverse kinematics problem seeks to find a set of wheel/motor velocities and positions that would enable the robot to reach that ending configuration.